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Harvey Dent was the former District Attorney of Gotham City who turned into the criminal known as Two-Face after an accident that scarred his face in half. During Harvey's childhood, he was often harassed by a bully until he decided to stand up to him and punched the bully in the face. The next. Harvey Dent was a district attorney who is honored by Gotham City and is supported by many government officials and law enforcements - thus including Rachel Dawes, James Gordon and Batman. His occupation often led him responsible for putting down.

Dent is also responsible for the newly enforced Harvey Dent act. The act essentially keeps the most dangerous criminals locked up without an appeal for parol. There is even a national holiday coined after his heroics, rightfully named, Harvey Dent Day. Dent has an. Harvey Dent: A New Day for Gotham? Despite Roger Garcetti's lifelong commitment to Gotham, newcomer Harvey Dent won a sizable victory in yesterday's election. Clearly, Gotham City demanded change and The Times hopes that Mr. Dent's actions in the. Harvey is the son of Christopher and Laura Dent. Though originally born into the lower-class of Gotham, Harvey would be granted a more luxurious lifestyle when his mother won an election to the Gotham City Council, but this came with its own problems. Harvey's father, a perpetual failure who had. The Gotham City district attorney, Harvey Dent was hailed as the city's "White Knight;" he is getting more and more successful in rounding up all the criminals that plague Gotham City. Batman and Lieutenant James Gordon contemplate bringing Dent in on their plan to eradicate the mob, and the.

Harvey dent day 2. I did not expect the last post to explode. And Definiately didn't expect the astounding amount of love and support from the community. I don't do insta but I figure if people want I'll do a daily post of Mr Dents adventures. Harvey Dent Mania is Sweeping Gotham! Endorsements roll in for Harvey Dent! Harvey Dent has been endorsed by philanthropist James Wilecotten III, Reverend Marvin Wintermyre of Gotham's Baptist Union, and Cesar de la Salazar Gallo, head of the Gotham chapter of. Harvey-Dent, formerly “Shermy,” was dumped at a high-kill shelter in Texas with his mama and siblings. They were pulled from the shelter by BARRK Animal Rescue and placed into foster care. Next, they were transferred to Georgia. Harvey contracted Parvovirus on the way up. The site. I Believe in Harvey Dent is the webpage for Harvey Dent's bid for District Attorney, which he won in a landslide. May 17. Linked to by Thedarkknight.,features a poster for Harvey Dent's political campaign.

In The Dark Knight Rises, Harvey's death inspired the creation of the Dent Act, in which a criminal that was arrested would be denied parole, thus allowing the streets of Gotham to be clean of crime. His death also led to "Harvey Dent Day" where the city celebrates the honour of their former White Knight. Oct 21, 2019 - it's not the face you're 's the face you choose. / two-face, dc comics. See more ideas about Two faces, Dc comics and Rafael barba. There have been several iterations regarding the origin story of Harvey Dent and how he became Two-Face. The most popular one lies in the fact that Sal "Boss" Maroni threw acid in his face as revenge, believing Dent was the one that killed his father. Two-Face, på svenska även Dubbelansiktet, är en seriefigur, skurk i serierna om Batman. Harvey Dent var Gotham Citys framgångsrika distriktsåklagare och allierad med Batman, men då han fick syra kastad i ansiktet fick han inte bara halva sitt ansikte utan även sin personlighet gravt skadad. 10th Anniversary of Harvey Dent Day. Everything changed the night Harvey Dent died. In a single decade, Gotham City, once the reigning champ of corruption and crime, has seen a historic turn around; People walk the streets during the day and night without so much as looking over their shoulders, drugs and gambling has become a thing of the past.

Luckily for us, the hope has endured. This bill is Harvey Dent’s legacy and I intend to protect it”. At the Mayor’s request, the City Assembly will introduce another Bill making the date of Harvey Dent’s sacrifice an official city holiday, calling it Harvey Dent Day. Sep 18, 2019 - Explore sexyjutzu's board "⭑ harvey dent" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Words, Feelings and Jenny holzer. - The gang has completed the time-jump and they returned to Wayne Manor, eight years later. There, they noticed that the citizens of Gotham are gathered for Harvey Dent Day, a memory where he died and still remembered to this day. Ratchet: Must be still hard for the people of Gotham. Harvey Dent was Gotham City's star district attorney until an accident brought out his dark side and turned him into the criminal Two-Face. Gotham City's district attorney Harvey Dent was a true guardian of law and order. Well regarded as a fearless law enforcer, he had a reputation for. Despite Roger Garcetti's lifelong commitment to Gotham, newcomer Harvey Dent won a sizable victory in yesterday's election. Clearly, Gotham City demanded change and The Times hopes that Mr. Dent's actions in the weeks, months, and years ahead live up to his fiery rhetoric.

Harvey Dent was the District Attorney of Gotham City. Originally working in Internal Investigations, Dent picked up the name "Harvey Two-Face" for being duplicitous when investigating people. He investigated many people who ended up working in James Gordon's Major Crimes Unit. Harvey Dent: [while having a fancy dinner with Bruce, Rachel and Natascha] You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain. Explore Harvey Dent's 10 photos on Flickr! [polyvore] "Harvey Dent was needed. He was everything Gotham has been crying out for. He was.a hero. Not the hero we deserved - the hero we needed. Nothing less than a knight, shining." I listened as my uncle spoke at Harvey Dent's memorial. My uncle stood before a massive picture of Harvey dent. "But I knew Harvey Dent. I was.his friend.

The latest Tweets from Harvey Dent @TwoFaceGothamDA. "I believe in Harvey Dent and I believe in justice And all the blood already spent If you believe then say it with me" ~I Believe In Harvey Dent, Adam Warrock. Gotham City. A must-have for your connected home, the Lenovo Smart Display 7Smart PlugSmart E27 Colour Bulb packs a host of convenient features, like video calling, music playback, and touchscreen functionality all tucked in its ultra-compact footprint. The Attempted Assassination of Harvey Dent took place on the same day hours after the Joker made his threat to Batman. When the Major Crimes Unit managed to find out that the Joker was planning to kill Comm. Gillian B. Loeb, Judge Janet Surillo, and and District Attorney Harvey Dent, they.

You are casually dating both Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent. Jim wants to make up for leaving your date early, and kind of interrupts your time with Harvey. Tumblr user Gothamoriginals mentioned the idea of this threesome and then I had a dream about it that became this and I just wrote it up quickly. Meet Harvey Dent from Reddit tagged as Harvey Dent Meme 🐸 Evil Kermit Meme 🎓 School Memes 🔪 Get Out Meme 🐪 Hump Day Memes 🌮 Taco Meme 👾 Aliens Memes. Harvey Dent Memes harvey Memes Dent Memes Meet Memes Cant Get Memes His Memes Dent Memes Took Memes Didnt Memes The Memes Cant Memes Regretation Memes. Meet Harvey Dent.

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